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How do large and medium-sized reservoirs catch carp?
Fish in the reservoir are generally less picky. Grain feed,chicken feed with a little bit of a bait,or some otherthing with corn flour. In terms of food reservoir fishbetter than the fish pond fish catch,but the reservoir ofthe water,fish wants relatively scattered,your energyshould be mainly in understanding the underwater terrain,fish,fish and fishing method on plant-based,availablecorn soaking water must be approved by (dry), dough,mixingrice,sweet potatoes,or grains and wheat flour; Animal sex,can be used small shrimp, spiral snail meat,earthworm,
cricket,grasshopper,the worm,nematode,etc.

After the hook,how to lift the pole and the slip fish.
Lift the rod and the fish,the rod is fast,push forward,short,fast. Lift a 20cm and stab the fish. The carp, thecarp have the hercules,don't make a tug-of-war with it,the carp love to make a pile,and the fish should payattention.
Lever movement requires first pushed back,were found inthe process of pushing force of a short,make the hook in the water with 10 to 15 centimeters of fierce fish,fish,if miss quad remained in the water. Slip the fish is
actually to overcome his excited mood,keep calm,confidentfish can ever victorious.

The trick of the big fish is to give the fish a force whenit is ready. In such a way,the fish can't make any effort.Main point is to fish,you give force,fish, don't forceyou leave behind, and allocation of fishing rod, which isthe use of tai chi chuan four two dial one thousand jins ofreason. Finally,the silver carp will be in your net

Lift rod straight stabilizing
Carp eat hook is different from other fish that eat thebait is not recklessness,always careful to put the hookclose to the mouth,try,try it,and then spit out, containing up to try again,and lay down,can be repeatedmany times,sometimes not rashly swallow population,so eatslowly and gently,after feeding. Float reaction is substantially sinking (HeiPiao) or transverse obliquemovement,gradually drifting tail from high to low,submerged in the water slowly, slowly to float up into asee or falling number 1.2.3 took, fish on the assembly. Thecarp are struggling with great strength, rapid flight and fatigue

Be careful,
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